alOne productions


DISCOGRAPHY(updated 3/8/15)

-"the glove affair" (2008)
-"split( K2 - To-Bo - Stirner - Lackthrow)" (2014 shit noise tapes)
-"from all over volume 1"(2014)
-"from all over volume 2"(2015)
-"a cruel shot of silence" (2015)
-"remixes circuit wound's STATIC DECAY"(2015)
-"too many cups of lavender excess"(2015)
-"ten fisted levitation blossom"(2015)
-"once more the gesture(2014)
-"common causes(2014"
-"collaboration with Anaheimofmanheim - w.a.n.g.
-"collaboration with Pregnant Spore"(on indefinite hold-2014)
-"split/remix with Government Alpha"(2015)
-"collaboration wit Plasticbonerband" (cancelled-2013)
-"collaboration with XDUGEF" (on hold-2014)
-"collaboration with Carl Kruger" (on hold-2014)
-"INFIRMARY / lackthrow split" (2013 Enemata Productions)
-"Shoot the Messenger" (2015 Petite Soles)
-"the weight" (2013 occult supremacy) -"plays m.s.b.r." (2013)
-"your gods were their gods first" (2010)
-"(left to die in) SNOW COUNTRY [anaphylaxis' "snow country" remixed] 2012))
-"split with Stirner / To-Bo / Churner" (2014 shitnoise records)
-"collaboration with Ginger Cortes" (2013 red venice records)
-"collaboration with ARMENIA" (2014 BIZARRE AUDIO ARTS)
-"collaboration with CORNUCOPIA" (in progress-20??)
-"split with TORTURING NURSE" (on hold-2012)
-"split with Victimes de Regime"(2014 forthcoming)
-"Pretty Ear-Catching split with PCRV pop culture rape victim" (2012 FLUXUS MONTANA)
-"E. Coli / Lackthrow / She Didn't Respond /☠skullnbones☠ 4-way split" (2014 shitnoiserecords)
-"top=bottom" (2013)
-"come to forget" (2014)
-"the nature of memory reversion"(2013)
-"the nature of memory" (2009) cd
-"the late great so and so"(2013)
-"Snowfeeder / Lackthrow / Lezet"(2013 shitnoiserecords)
-"split with Amy Weinrausch - Two Ways Of Pain Part 45"(2013 shitnoiserecords)
-"visibility concoction"(2013)
-"split with Etta Goat" (2013)
-"split with Mince Splatters / Doodshoofd / Amy Weinrausch" (2013 shitnoiserecords)
-"split with metek" (2013 palemoon recs)
-"vitamin" (2014)
-"split with Ana Venus" (2013 metronome)
-"sorrow breaks even" (2012)
-"each day the same/i am the aggressor"(2014)
-"debt" (2012)
-"bad law" (2014)
-"mainstreamlined praise artists saved your life" (2013)
-"regularly scheduled saturday night cartoon interruption" (2011)
-"to be determined" (2011
-"Meat Glue + lackthrow - memento mori reimagined"(2012)
-"RELEASE" (2012 2xCD on existence establishment)
-"the return of bettie rumble" (201?-forthcoming)
-"the rise of bettie rumble"(2013)
-"Bettie Rumble" 2008
-"the bride of bettie rumble" 2008
-"the revenge of bettie rumble" 2008
-"faith is not a virtue; it should not be treated as such" (2011)
-"as was the nakedness of life" (2011)
-remixes for the icarus descent's "he was a quiet man" (2013)
-remixes for schemawound's "body movements"(2013)
-"blue dove" (2009)
-"excuses in liquid" (2008)
-"dearth" (2009)
-"expectations" (2009)
-"illness, stronghold" (2007)
-"the internal world reacts, on its own, to the external world" 2009
-"basis" 2008
-"lead balloon" 2008
-"black balloon" 2008
-"murder, arousal, intellect, argument, inevitability, mire" 2008
-"sully" 2009
-"wading through disease endless" (2008)
-"BLOCK" 2008
-" momentarily assuage" cd 2009)
-"The Blue Dress" CD 2009
-"hem jesti" b-cdr 2003
-"Frozen Butterflies in the Burning Air 2CD" forthcoming 2012
-"guilty pleasures/revelationforONE" 3 inch cd 2007
-"years absent volume one: disgusted and disgusting" cd 2007
-"years absent volume two: display for ridicule" cd 2008
-"Examining the undercurrent" cd 2007 alOne productions
-"philein" cd forthcoming 2008
- "pure consciousness" cd 2007
-"ingesting the blood of pirates" cd 2007
-"stain" cd 2006
-"american nothing"
-"Inconsequential (pain, mistakes, choices and devestating consequences) or nothing matters now)" cd 2007
-"confiscation" cd 2007
-"years absent volume 1: disgusted & disgusting" cd 2007
-"the crow tree" cd 2006
"Circuitous Path"cd 2006
"feather fight"cd 2006
"feather fight II" cd 2006
"crastinus"cd 2006
"surreptitious" cd 2006
"akrasia"cd 2006
"haecceity"cd 2006
"furtive glance"cd 2006
"janus" cd 2006
"used to be (2014)
"split w/ What Its Like To Be Hostile"(forthcoming)
"the caterpillar feeds on willow leaves" cd 2006
"conceived by a Sleight of hand" cd 2006 (not to be confused with 'conceived by a slight of hand')
"abiding stream" cd 2006
"vicious" cd 2006
"silentKAOS 2006" cd 2006
"Lyndi volume 1" 80 min 2006
"Lyndi volume 2" 80 min 2006
"Lyndi volume 3" 80 min 2007
"Lyndi volume 4" 80 min 2007
"Lyndi volume 5" 80 min 2007
"Lyndi volume 6" 80 min 2008
"Lyndi volume 7" 80 min 2008
"Lyndi volume 8" 80 min 2008
"Lyndi volume 9" 80 min alOne 2008
"Lyndi volume 10" 80 min alOne 2008
"Lyndi volume 11" 80 min alOne 2009
"Lyndi volume 12" 80 min alOne 2010
"Lyndi volume 13" 80 min alOne 2010
"Lyndi volume 14" 80 min alOne 2010
"Lyndi volume 15" 80 min alOne 2010
"fighting/resentment" cd 2006
"paranoia justified" cd 2006
"tongue of cold steel"cd 2006
"commiserenergy" cd 2006
"One in the Chamber"cd 2006
"BLUE" cd
"lachrymal" 3" cd
"compilation tracks (selection 1)"(2014)
"compilation tracks (selection 2)"(2014)
"RUT" cd
"nethermost end"(2014"
"the cassandra complex" cd 2006
"the myth of orgasm" cd
"asphyxiating entanglement" cd
"inextricable" cd
"my blood is her wine" 3"cd
"her blood is my wine" 3"cd
-"destroying sex 2007" cd
"Destroying Sex live" 3 inch cd
"she will be silenced 3""
"the scorpion and the archer 2cd"
"try again, you will fail again" (cdr ltd.ed.4)
"quixo/lackthrow split" (cancelled?)
"No Bridge Will Span A Sea of Insecurity"(2004cd)
"creating conflict"(collab cd with A RUSH OF BLUE)
"she will be the death of me"(2004 cd)
"the hidden mercurial nature within the beast"(2004)
"in rivers of ice and blue" (2005 snip snip cd)
"pervectionist volume 1"
"pervectionist volume 2"
"pervectionist volume 3"
"pervectionist volume 4:continuum"
"a precarious preconscious(2004 cd)
"a precarious preconscious(2011 digital)
"collecting insults, accommodating harm (2004 cd)
"conceived by a slight of hand (2004 cd)
"compliance"(2001 cd)
"...sheep as wolves'(2003 cd)
"hickory'(2003 cd)
"the flesh is willing, but the spirit is weak"(alOne 2004)CD
"grey becomes black" (alOne 2000) CD
"intertia" (glass diamond recordings 2000) CD
"female" (alOne) CD
"diseases they dare not speak of"(alOne 2001 cd)
"immaculate dissection"(alOne 2002 cd)
"torpid imprecation"(alOne 2003 cd)
"giving up the ghost (alOne 2003 cd)
"into slumber (v.2 remix)"
"grief" (ltd.ed.2 3" alOne 2003)
"grieving"(ltd.ed.2 3" alOne 2003)
"3 way split: jason campbell/lackthrow/kiszka"(2002)
"3 way split: maim/lackthrow/i am that i am"(2003)(unreleased)
"bereaved"(2005 deadline recordings)
"richard ramirez/lackthrow split c-30"(2003 dadadrumming)
"burnt butterflies and frozen air"(2003 I.N.K. recordings)
"ONUS"(troniks 200?)
"obedere 3 inch cd"(alOne 2002 ltd.ed.10 *sold out*)
"unnamed Demon" (2005 nanairi records)
"inertia" (glass diamond records) cd
"lackthrow vs. catharsis-enlighten"(alOne/one man show 2003)
"lackthrow vs. catharsis-the video"
"cleaning wounds" video
"he was, as he was, when he was, walking down the stairs, the stairs, where the lair, of deception had taken place, there"
"in my mind, where ever it was, i rolled it over"
"the unsuspecting are snared Others are not, but are there, scared, bared, dared, pared, teared"
-"plays human sacrifice"(2014)
-"Split with WILLOWS" (2014 *on hold indefinitely)
-"Split with ARMENIA" (2014 FORTHCOMING)
-"split with HOOKED TALONS (richard ramirez project) )))2015-FORTHCOMING)
-"miss havisham's banquet"
-"could go either way"(2013)
-"digestion is a magic box"(2013)
-"Peregrination (3-inch)" [2010]
-"tends to go away"(2013)
-"in the old ways"(2013)
-"split with NOISE MACHINE" (2013)
-"HNW Response" (2012)
-"groundsider" (2012)
-"the bag of sleeves" (2011)
-"perish the thought"(2011)
-"blimp loves everyone" (2011)
-"fourteenth year" (2011)
-"in opposition (recluse)"(2008)
-"internal empty" 2xcd (2009)
-"completely spiral" 2009
-"MIME" 2009
-"the pointlessness of possession" 2009
-"interstices" 2009
-"impurities" 2009
-"fable" 2009
-"...for reflection, silence & caustic rumination" cd 2008
-". .for recumbency & silken claustrophobe retribution" (2011)
-"isolate" cd 2007
-"the history of the burnt edge" cd 2007
-"nternal Empty / Sleep Column ‎– Two Ways Of Pain Part 6" split cd 2013 shit noise records
-"athazagoraphobia" cd 2007
-"the tragedy of march 20th 2007" (source material:signalbleed "beings like mechanisms cd") cd 2007
-"impulse control" cd 2007
-"seven children for immunizations"cd (forthcoming 2012)
-"SPHUXIS" cd 2006
-"dissasymbolization" cd 2006
-"this is how my life is wasted" cd
-"Desecration" cd 2006
-"I Love You, but i don't know how i feel (we don't know what we're doing)" cd 2006
-"fragments for delay" 2cd 2006
-"bene vixit, bene qui latuit" (alOne 3"ltd.ed.10)2005)
-"retract" (2005 alOne cdr)
-"psychotomimetic" (2005 alOne cdr)
-"phrenitis" (2005 alOne cdr)
-"the daily ritual of distinguishing oneself" (alOne cd 2002)
-"amidst the rakish fire"(alOne) cd
-"anomie"(a.i.musick) CASS.
-"brutalis" (a.i.musick) CASS.
-"liquid malady/bleak(a dying tree anthem)"(a.i.musick)CASS.
-"Brutalis" (a.i.musick) CD (dif. tracks and art)
-"ANOMIE" (alOne) CD (dif. tracks and art)
-"PURIFIER" (dam/ CD
-"PURIFIER" (alOne) CD *different tracks and art)
-"elemental vs. manmade" (alOne)
-"split w/anaphylaxis" (asthenia digital/alOne) CD
-"Recluse" (a.i.musick)CASS.
-"Recluse" (alOne) CD (dif. tracks and art)
-misery, love, comfort
-the stench of evil beneath my dreams
-what doesn't kill you....SHOULD
-mein herz brennt
-sentimental plagues
-...sich errinnern (cd)
-inorganic action
-split with cornucopia(2000aborted)
-the teleflood project
-MORTA (10xcd boxset)
-internal empty vs. catharsis 2cd
-internal empty vs. signalbleed (vol.1)
-when friends become enemies 2xcd
-a languid beating of the heart
-for Vi 3"
-predestined tragic end 3"
-internal empty vs. catharsis-the end of an era 3"
-memories through a filter vol. 1
-memories through a filter vol. 2
-me,myself and i-elements remixes
-me, myself and i-overstimulation remixes
-hope has nothing to do with it 3"
-xiphoid dementia/burnward/internal empty split
Mistreated Series:
"CIRCUIT WOUND-the gathering of decay"
"NOISEMAN433-winter's rose"
"PCRV-public display of affecton"
"mayfairgrin "clang quartet "schemawound "signalbleed
"the marriage of beauty & blood" forthcoming cd 2012
"Malevolent Alien Being / A Hymn For Her - Two Ways Of Pain Part 7" (2013 shitnoiserecords)
"Strays" (2013)
"the falling sickness"(2008 & 2013)
"choices : ambient (a hymn for her remix) (2008 & 2013)
"deathbed" 3"cdr 2007
"for all the mechanized dolls video"
"life is..."(unreleased)
"the silence" (alOne 2000) CD
"noir ambiant"(2001)
"for jed and lennie" ltd.ed. 1 wedding gift 3" cdr
"beautiful death"(2003)
"videre in somnis"(2003)
"...when god stopped caring"(2004)
"Music for Convulsive Therapy" (2005) cdr ltd.ed. of 1(for lyndi my heart)
"split with jorge castro"(aborted)
CADENCE-"Cold expressions of Dismay" (a.i.musick-split w/twitch) CD (1997)
"so now then (anaphylaxis) remix album"(on hold 2003)
"from scratch"
"second coming"
Cranial Vulnus:
"panacea '94"
"table scraps"
"in the raw"
"all this i did for thee"
"Onus Disseverance"
"the eve of war"
"worse than ever"
"Castigation Becomes More Real than any of Your Dreams Have Ever Been"(alOne productions 2005) cdr
"the end of an era" 3" cdr
Black Jordan:
-"1 of"*2014
-"remnants of us"2014
"thank you, my dear no one" (a.i.musick 1996) cass.
"silentKAOS"(cling recordings)*edit*cass.
"silentKAOS"(entire album remix and reissue)(alOne 2003 cd)
"reject #1" (a.i.musick)cass.
"the industro/noize experiment"(a.i.musick)cass.
"the I/nZe" (cling recordings)*edit*cass.
"piercings"( cd)
"Cold expressions of dismay"(a.i.musick,ltd.ed.15)*split w/cadence*cd
"anti-twitch:you have broken my spirit"(ltd.ed.5-a.i.musick 1998)*cd
"cult to ecclesia"(a.i.musick)*cd
"cult to ecclesia"(menschenfiend productions)*edit*cd
"blessed are they that mourn..."(a.i.musick)*unreleased*
"junks,vol.1"(in the dirt diy)*cd*
"junks,vol.2"(in the dirt diy)*cd*
"blessed are they that mourn..."(a.i.musick-noise effect version)*cd
"simplicity complex"(a.i.musick)*cd
"In Defiance of Myself" (CDw/book-74min.)1999 (release w/a pull away from noise and a journey into trance, minimal, dub and experimental techno and industrial)
Twitch-"UN" (CD-74min.)1999
"Simplicity Complex(v.2)" (CD 1998)
"cult to Ecclesia"(CD-2nd edition)
"in defiance of myself"(a.i.musick-ltd.ed. 10 w/book)*cd
"...into slumber"(a.i.musick)*cd
"a blue million"(a.i.musick)*cd
"a.l.o.s.i.s."( cd)
"expirational beaten dymns"(a.i.musick)*cd
"an exercise in primitive technology"(a.i.musick)*cd
"dark annreverserie"(a.i.musick)*cd
"IN BRICK" (ep, blacklight records 2000)*unreleased*
"lugubrious waltz" (2003 alOne cd)
A TALE OF LESS: (maim/rabid eye movement/lackthrow/internal empty collab. works)
"knotsoul/A tale of less split *BLEEDING FROM THE GROUND UP" cd2007
"empathy bleeder" (2 cd set)
"sinister aesthetic"(2003)
"dischordandtyranny" (a.i.musick)CASS.(w/AsterRisk)
"ARGUE" (a.i.musick)CD (w/asterRisk)
"the addition of strangeness to beauty"(a.i.musick)CD (w/asterRisk)
-"Empty Moments for Circular space" (w/signalbleed) 2006
-"IMPEDE" (a.i.musick)CD (w/signalbleed)
-"beautifully beaten"(a.i.musick)2CD (w/signalbleed)
-"Low Ebb" (a.i.musick)CASS. (w/dark eye and Vulnus)
-the last alive (2002)
DUODRONE:(a.m. of tomorrow + lackthrow)
-chapter 1 CD
-chatper 2 CD
-"7-18-07 mission distortion"
-"7-19-07 hardtechno"
-conjoined ambience volume 1
-"the green man" single for film
-sloppy jeanne mix
-extra polate!
-public photo shoot
-shit e. knight 2-19-06
-sick july 2005
-sick december 2005
-someone else mix 1-12-06
-abby said 9:30 REMIXES
-dj non STOP MIX (live)
-other remixes (2013)
-illegal remixes(unreleased)
-dj non dj mix #1 (eclectic)
-dj non dj mix #2 (eclectiic)
-dj non dj mix #3 (trancelicious)
-DJ NON dj mix #4 (minimal hard house)
-DJ NON dj mix #5 (eclectiiic)
-DJ NON dj mix #6 (acid house)
-DJ NON dj mix #7 (world club)
-DJ NON dj mix #8 (back to heft)
-DJ NON dj mix Nonstop classic mix cd
-split with maim (unreleased)
-the videos-tears shed in remembrance of you -as good as dreams
anaphylaxis 'all yours' remixes by lackthrow, internal empty and a hymn for her (2)